I smelt the sweet patchouli

Mixed with lager and pork crunch,

They were acting quite unruly –

This neanderthalic bunch.


A thumping in my chest hurt

As guitars began to squeal –

I was a heavy rock convert

And felt like a fifth-wheel…


Why wasn’t I informed

There would be a big stampede;

And my ears would get deformed

And my brain would surely bleed…


The massive speakers BOOMED!

The crowd were going crazy –

I felt we were all doomed;

Things became a little hazy…


People jumped around

And I tried not to get hit;

Heads were thrashing to the sound –



And in the claustraphobic space

I began to feel the groove,

And my heart started to race

And my feet began to move!


And I jumped for all I’m worth!

Head banged with all my might!

It felt like a re-birth;

It felt like pure delight!


Too soon it was all over,

And the crowd began dispersing;

Too much booze consumed –

A hangover they’d be nursing…


And my ears could hear the noise;

Like the whooshing of the sea –

Years on it still destroys

The silences for me…


But  to have seen perform –

Heavy Rocks’ great royalty;

Let me now inform

Without disloyalty…


’cause Motorhead – I love them!

And though I sometimes cuss –

I’ll always remember Lem;

He gave me tinnitus!






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