You hated change of any kind
In your mind you knew
Exactly how the day
Was going to go –
And I tried to make it so.

I tried to protect from
Anyone or anything that
Would infect your rationale;
Your morale –
Was so easy to bruise.

In school you were
Abused – used
By kids who thought
That you were
Acting weird.

They smeared shit
On your clothes;
And who knows –
What else they
Put you through…

You hid your pain in art;
You drew everything
You saw and more –
As I tried hard
Not to fall apart.

Growing up the answers
Were confusing –
Hours were spent perusing –
To help you comprehend.

Sometimes you’d pretend;
So I’d loosen the
Apron strings a bit;
I knew
I had to submit…

The teens bought infatuation –
The opposite sex were not kind;
They didn’t understand
Your mind…

How a break-up
Would affect you.
And I told you,
One hundred texts a day
Was not the way to win a heart.

That was the start.
Now you’re a man –
You had a master plan
And went to Uni.

You learned to hide
The tics;
And other tricks;
So no-one knew
The difference.

You filled your soul
With music –
Bought a guitar
Taught yourself
To use it.

Life is still not easy.
You know it never will be –
Without sounding cheesy
I think you will agree –
That change is good!

That you could –
Achieve anything you want;
You could!
And while some dreams
May shatter

In the end –
People’s differences;


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