When I was just a little kid

My shoes were bought at ‘Clarks’

Often shiny, patent black

Banned from all scuff-marks.


They were purchased from a market stall

When I reached school age –

My Father lost his job

And we survived on just Mum’s wage.


Then as I reached the teenage years,

Life became disjointed –

Mohican, chains and safety pins,

And all my shoes were pointed.


I began work in an office

And my heels were getting higher;

Power dressed at seventeen –

I was a real high flyer!


I learnt the joys of Motherhood

When I was twenty-three;

I rushed around in trainers

To appease a small banshee!


Thirty-two divorced and skint,

I tried stiletto heels –

But they didn’t help my case

Before the justice of appeals!


In my forties I had fun!

Life was just like one big party!

I wore shoes with open toes,

That looked a little tarty!


Now at fifty – disillusioned

With all men,

And too much booze;

I must confess these days

I favour com-fort-able shoes!






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