He penetrated her

With eyes of steel blue;

Eyes that had seen

All there was,

And all that there had ever been.


He circled slowly –

Predator and prey.

He needed to gorge;

She was the buffet.


A beauty that reminded him

Of Renaissance past –

Innocent and chaste.

She was powerless to resist;

A willing player

In this tryst.


She felt him draw near –

Cold breath upon her skin.

She shuddered with anticipation

From within –

But she felt no fear.


Her moans pierced the air

As sharpness pierced her flesh.

She was giddy with a desire

Felt afresh…


And he fed on the very essence

Of her humanity.

Each drop of her

Fuelled his vanity.


Until she lay still –

Between this world and the next.

Engulfed in his embrace.

Awaiting the insanity

And for her old life to erase.


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