If you ever need a plumber

Or someone to paint a wall –

My husband likes to fix things,

So just give him a call!


He’s Picasso with a paint brush,

He’s Da Vinci with some wood;

Give him a screw – and any tool;

He’ll try to make it good!


He’s a bonafide ‘fix it’ man;

He preaches ‘making do’ –

With a nail in here, some filler there;

There’s no need to buy new!


So it’s farewell to Bank Holidays,

We know what we’ll be doing –

Trudging up and down the isles;

He’ll have us ‘B & Q’ing!


He’ll be gazing at the guttering;

Drooling over drills;

And anything that ‘whirrs’ or ‘clanks’

Is sure to give him thrills!


So don’t hold back, just call –

If you need some DIY;

And if you’re looking for a ‘bodger’;

Look no further, he’s your guy!




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