I pulled the covers tighter
So I was almost suffocating;
I tried to regulate my breath,
I could hear my heart pulsating –
Like it would leap out of my chest;
Or stop itself from beating;
I clenched my sweaty palms –
Body over-heating.

Dare I brave the dark,
Remove the bed clothes from my face?
Peek with one eye closed
As a precaution – just in case?
Or should I bide my time
And wait until the morning?
Or jump up screaming loudly;
Scare the monster with no warning?

In the silence I could hear
A scratching on the wall;
A muffled kind of howling
As the thing began to crawl –
And I pulled the covers tight again,
And prayed with all my might,
That this night would soon be over –
I’d be safe until daylight…

Closer; closer, I could feel it;
I could smell it’s rancid breath –
It’s weight was pressing down on me,
I’d soon be facing death;
And then my door flung open,
And the light poured in my room
The rancid breath replaced
By the smell of Mum’s perfume

Then she suddenly exclaimed
“Oh goodness what was that?”
And with great relief I heard
“Oh – it’s only next door’s cat!”


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