He laughed mockingly
‘’Stop being lame!
Everyone knows
It’s only a game!’’
As he wiped clean the board
I smelt fear in the dust –
‘’Hold onto my hand’’ –
He said
‘’And trust!’’
When he called out
‘’Is there anyone there?’’
I felt a cool breeze
Whip through my hair…
And the table lamp flickered
And started to shake,
I felt my hands tremble –
My whole body quake…
A deafening knocking
Echoed around.
My chair began lifting
High off the ground!
It started to spin;
I clung on for dear life –
And looked on in horror
As the glass spelt out
I looked for some solace
From the man I adored;
His eyes had turned dark
He looked un-toward!
In place stood a demon;
It’s face was grotesque;
And from behind him
I saw manifest,
Many apparitions
All wearing black
Each holding a dagger
About to attck!
As they moved closer
I spun out of control;
I screamed for a God,
I prayed for my soul –
But nothing came out;
My voice had been banished!
I squeezed my eyes shut
All hope now vanished…
I cried out as their blades
Pierced through my chest;
They cut and they sliced
In a frenzy – possessed.
Blood poured from my wounds
Gaping and red…
I was submissive
To the un-dead
As I became weaker
Barely alive –
The fight in me left;
No will to survive…
When … BANG!
I was down;
A bright light filled the place.
My gaping wounds healed
No blood to be traced…
I arose shakily
Did this really occur?
My memory confused
Time had passed in a blurr.
Surveying the room
All was in place;
I searched the whole building
For THEM – just in case…

No more vengeful dead
Just silence abound
But my man was gone –
No-where to be found…


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