The man behind the hair
Was born in ’49
When growing up in Salford
Felt like doing time;
Inspired by a teacher
An ‘outdoorsey kind of bloke’ –
He soon wrote like Ernest Hemmingway
When he’d had a toke!
From lab Tech to poetry
The ‘Bard of Salford’was created
Performing written word
To an audience – captivated!
‘Convention’ and ‘Pretention’
Were replaced by ‘twat’ and ‘fuck’
But the ‘Punk Poet’ of the ‘70’s
Would soon run out of luck…

He lost his diction to addiction
And lived life hand to mouth;
Before he got his shit together
And moved down to the South.
In ’07 Arctic Monkeys
Helped rejuvinate –
The controversial rhyming stories
That were now part of his trait.
And ’13 saw him presented
With a Doctorate of Art –
Not bad for a foul mouthed
67 year old, upstart!


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