My dog is concerned
About the litter out-doors
He’s a twelve-inch Eco-Warrior
Standing on four paws

With snout to the ground
He doesn’t miss a thing –
Condoms, chewing gum;
Half a chicken wing;

He’ll scoop them in his mouth
And savour the taste –
He eats anything;
Even toxic waste!

Like a mini vacuum cleaner
This little ball of fluff
Has an iron constitution
He never feels ‘ruff’

He’s efficiency surpassed –
At garbage reclamation
What ‘comes out’ goes in again –
He’s a vile abomination!

My dog isn’t satisfied
By Hello’s sniffing bum
I think he finds all that
A little bit humdrum

He waits ‘doggedly’;
In just a second or two
He’s cleaned it from the floor –
YES – he’s a connoisseur of poo!

He’s not bothered on consistency
He must have sampled all –
Alsations, Pomeranians
Even cat waste I recall…

We go for a walk
My pockets bulge with treats
In the hope he’ll be distracted
And grow to like these eats

But unless they’ve invented
A dog treat flavoured ‘shit’
I fear this little lad of mine
Will NEVER submit!

So if you ever come to visit
Here’s a warning – just in case;
Beware of the Chihuahua –
Don’t let him lick your face!

Copyright Marianne Burgess



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