Twenty years married
And he had never bought
A Valentine for his Wife.
He said that she should know
That she was loved
He’d taken vows for life.
But she was a romantic sort –
She’d often sit and think
About the day she was his bride;
In love like the movies –
Not swimming against the tide…

In their twenty years together
She had given EVERYTHING –
She’d cooked and cleaned
And more than that,
She’d made a home for them.
She’d been lover, mother
Nurse, counsellor – friend;
He lost sight of his dependence
In the end…

But today she had decided
She was going to revolt;
She would not lift a finger
In the hope that it would jolt him
From his apathetic attitude –
So they could work it out…

The washing piled high
So did the crockery;
The ironing stayed untouched –
Their home became a mockery.
She got quite depressed
Spent weekends in bed;
He went to the pub –
Both of them at loggerheads

He couldn’t understand why
She was making so much fuss!
She always did it all
He often felt superfluous!
Now all of a sudden
She’d become a feminist!
Now all of a sudden
They failed to co-exist!
What was he to do?
He wanted ‘normality’ –
This shouldn’t have occurred
It was affecting his mentality!
The bar-maid at his local
Offered some advice –
“Why don’t you just talk?”
She said
“That might break the ice!”

She was sitting in the room
A suitcase by her side –
With no plans on where to go,
But she still had her pride.
When he saw her there he realised
She was the ying to his yang –
Love of his life and more;
He begged her to stay,
To not walk out the door.

For the first time in years
When she looked into his eyes,
She saw genuine emotion –
So she made a compromise…
A list was handed to him
Of all that she expected
When two people lived together –
He read it and reflected…

None-the-less he made a promise
Right there, right then –
That he would never
Take her forgranted again…

So he helps with the dishes
Because it’s not just a woman’s job;
And he helps with the washing
Because it’s not just a woman’s job;
And he’s trying to build bridges
Because it’s not just a woman’s job.
The bottom line – now he ALWAYS
Sends her a Valentine!


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