As I held you in my arms;
A new life force
With tomorrow in your eyes –
I promised you a world
Of wonder, of peace,
Of constant sunrise
Where darkness was just
A figment of our imagination…
I promised you
Many Sisters and Brothers
From every nation…
Homes with doors open wide
So you could just step inside
And receive what you needed…
I promised you
There was nothing to fear;
And if you were ever afraid
You could shout,
I would hear…
I promised you
A world of equality –
That we would all be respected;
Not infected with a hatred
For being different…
I promised you
That we all loved the earth
And took good care;
That everything we grew was shared;
And no-one ever went hungry…

I promised you the moon and stars
As my heart bursts with love
I weep –
I made you promises I could not keep…


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