‘Relax’! I’m told
The chair is pumped
And tipped to face the ceiling –
‘Open wide!’ A prod and poke;
An exposed nerve revealing.
I want to thump the dentist hard
My lips begin to quiver;
Saliva starts to multiply –
I’m dribbling a river!

‘You’ll just feel
A prick or two..’
He says as he dispenses,
The poison in my gums and cheek –
The one that numbs your senses…
My bottom lip soon looks as though
I’d loaned it from Mick Jagger,
From the corner of my eye
I spy his sharpened dagger…

Beneath his mask I swear I see
The makings of a smile –
‘Make yourself comfortable
You’ll be here for a while!’
I try to not take notice;
Try hard not to stare
At the close up of his bulbous nose
With mass of nostril hair…

…Or the drill held in his other hand
That’s started excavating…
Or the suction pipe and mirror –
That stops me communicating!
Take deep breaths
I told myself
Like the hypnotist advised –
But I could only hyperventilate;
My face all paralysed…

My tongue was getting in the way –
The water made me gag;
I swear that I would leave this place
In a body bag!
‘Nearly done’ I heard him say;
My jaw was badly aching –
I felt my fisted hands relax
I felt my legs stop quaking…

But the symptoms
I’m afraid to say
Could not be abated –
When the cost of all the work
Had been consolidated!
I could only stare in disbelief
At the total of the bill –
And next time I would show him




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