Our Planet – with humans now over seven billion;

Fleeing from famine and wars – around sixty-five million –

Statistics for people just like you and I;

So why do most of us turn a blind eye?

We pay lip service to a vision we see on TV

Of crammed boats and crammed lorries

All trying to flee

A place they called ‘home’, that once held their heart,

That weapons and bombs have now torn apart,

By wealthy dictators who don’t give a shit;

Helped by governmental hypocrites –

Who violate all human rights;

Yet still sleep soundly throughout the night…

They sell the arms that fuel the war,

Then spout how much that they deplore

The fact they’re even used at all!

We watch the scenes of devastation

Unfold on nation upon nation;

‘How sad for them!’ we over-hear –

But yet we still don’t want them here…

They come in search of love and warm

With a heart that’s willing to conform –

‘But they’re taking all the benefits!’

‘They’re religious fundamentalists!’

Is the welcome that we give…

All they want is a home;

To provide for their kids;

All they want is a chance to live…


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